Our Protectors:
Our Dogs. Our Police Officers.

They are colliding with tragic results and thousands of dogs are shot every year.

But there are people fighting for change.

This is their story.

Their Stories

Cindy's Lily

Fort Worth, TX

Cheye's Peyton & Chase

Berwyn Heights, MD

Matthew and Kelley's Jane

Atlanta, GA

Roger and Sandi's Brandi


Michael's Cisco

Austin, TX

Cherrie's Patches


Our Amazing Team

Michael Ozias


"Oz" started making films on a super-8 camera at seven years old. He has always known it was his career ambition and attended film school before moving to Los Angeles. Initially he worked as an editor for movies and television shows like American Idol, Dr. Phil, and Sons of Guns. He then co-founded Ozymandias Media where he has written and directed web videos on socially relevant topics like the drug war, the legal system, and education. He holds a B.A. in Film Production from the University of Central Florida.

Patrick Reasonover


Patrick is a founding partner of Ozymandias Media. He develops film and television projects and writes and produces live-action, documentary, and animated content for corporations, industry associations, non-profits. He consults on story development, messaging and video production with nonprofits, nationally and internationally. Previously, as a producer at Duncan Scott Productions, he helped produce and distribute the DVD reissue of the Italian classic We the Living based on the Ayn Rand novel of the same name.

Chris Green

Executive Producer

Jason Kodat

Executive Producer

Crystal Hubbard

Assistant Producer

R. J. Daniel Hanna


David Bateman


Kjell Boersma

Graphic Designer

Special Thanks

To the backers from Kickstarter and the organizations that have made this possible.

Support the Film

Thanks to the generous support of our Kickstarter backers and the Animal Legal Defense Fund, we’ve created a powerful feature-length film to foster dialogue and create change for our dogs and our police officers. But our work is far from over.

Now the time has come to get this film in front of audiences, dog owners, police departments, animal welfare advocates, and the general public, people who together can use the stories we’ve captured to help solve this problem.

Please consider supporting our efforts to distribute this film through your charitable donation.

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Ozymandias Media, Inc. In association with The Animal Legal Defense Fund present a film by Michael Ozias and Patrick Reasonover Of Dogs and Men featuring Victoria Stilwell, Tucker Carlson, David Balmer, music by David Bateman, graphic design by Kjell Boersma, edited by R.J. Daniel Hanna, executive producers Chris Green, Jason Kodat, produced by Patrick Reasonover, and directed by Michael Ozias.